What Is a Wall-Mounted AC?

A wall-mounted AC mounts to your wall, and it releases heat and humidity through a vent in the wall or through refrigerant lines that run to an outdoor compressor. Traditional wall-mounted ACs are all-in-one units that work similarly to window ACs. Ductless heat pump wall-mounted ACs connect to an outdoor compressor, and they are quieter, more efficient, and more effective than an all-in-one wall-mounted AC.

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Ceiling-Mounted Ductless Vs. Wall or Floor-Mounted

Types of Wall-Mounted ACs

When people use the phrase wall-mounted AC, they may be referring to any of the following:

  • Package terminal air conditioner (PTAC) — PTACs must be installed on the exterior wall of a home or building, and they are extremely popular for hotels. They contain all of the elements they need to cool a space, and they don’t need to connect to an external compressor. In some cases, they may include heating capabilities.
  • Window AC converted to a wall mount — Sometimes, people don’t want the hassle of putting their AC into the window every summer, or they just don’t want to compromise their window view. So, they cut a hole in the wall and insert a window AC.

While this can work as a temporary fix, you should avoid this option. Window ACs are designed to be vented through windows. They don’t have the extra few inches that you find on a traditional PTAC wall mount.

  • Wall-mount mini-split AC — These wall-mounted ACs are called mini-splits because they have two “split” units. One mounts to your wall, and then, it has refrigerant lines, electrical lines, and condensation lines that run from the wall mount to the outdoor compressor.

Although all of the above three options share the same label of “wall-mounted” ACs, they have stark differences. The ductless heat pump is much quieter and more efficient than the other two options, and it also doesn’t require you to cut a giant hole in your wall.

Differences Between Types of Wall-Mounted ACs

The first two options require a hole that is about the size of the unit. Unfortunately, these units are known for poor drainage, and as a result, condensation usually leaks out of the unit and into the walls. This can cause extensive damage.

In contrast, with a ductless heat pump, the installer mounts the unit to a wall inside your home. Then, they create a very small hole in the wall for the lines to run between the inside and outside units. All of the condensation goes through small piping to the outdoor compressor so you never have to worry about water leaking where it shouldn’t be.

Because the lines are so small, you don’t have to mount a heat pump to an exterior wall. As needed, you can run from an interior wall, through other walls or ceiling cavities until it reaches an exterior wall.

However, there is one advantage of a PTAC or a window AC over a ductless heat pump mounted to the wall, and that’s cost. You can get a basic window or wall-mounted AC for a few hundred dollars, while you should expect to spend thousands for a ductless heat pump. The exact cost varies based on the equipment you select, but generally, for just a few hundred more dollars, your ductless wall-mounted AC can also heat your home.

Wall Mount AC Vs. Central AC

All wall-mounted ACs are easier to install than a central AC system. This makes these ACs ideal for people who don’t have existing ductwork or homeowners who want to add an AC to just part of their home.

However, people don’t just pick this option because they don’t have ductwork. Heat pumps are much quieter and more efficient than most traditional heating and cooling options. By extension, even people with ductwork consider this type of equipment.

Other Mounting Positions for Heat Pump ACs

If you decide to go with a heat pump AC, the wall mount is not your only option. Instead, you can opt for a floor or ceiling mount. A floor mount is actually a wall mount designed to work lower on your wall. This option is usually reserved for people who have partial walls or other compelling reasons that they can’t go with the traditional wall-mounted design. There are also ceiling mounts that can be recessed or mounted directly to the ceiling.

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