Farmers Outlet Upgrades Refrigeration System

The Farmer’s Outlet farmer’s market store in East Taunton, MA, is known for its wholesale fresh produce and delicious salads that are made fresh daily! It’s a great place to find all the ingredients you need to make a delicious, healthy dinner for your family.

The owners love meeting and talking with their customers, exchanging recipe ideas, and cooking recommendations for unusual produce. So, when they started noticing that the refrigeration system was failing, they knew it had to be repaired right away.

Poorly installed refrigerant piping for refrigeration system in East Taunton, MA, store. After some research, they found that N.E.T.R., Inc. has done many refrigeration installations throughout Boston and the surrounding areas, so they knew we’d be able to help them. The many five-start reviews that they read from other customers convinced the owners to call us right away.

Mike Cappuccio, the founder of N.E.T.R., Inc., takes pride in finding solutions for local businesses and families alike, which is why he was happy to take on this project. He met with the owners and immediately found a slew of problems with the original installation. The outdoor condenser unit was improperly installed and programmed, the condensate was draining incorrectly, which was just the beginning.

Mike proposed a plan to get the system repaired and working better than ever for the business owners.

The Problem: The local fresh produce store, Farmer’s Outlet, experienced problems with its refrigeration system that caused products to spoil quickly.

The Solution: N.E.T. R., Inc. found a poorly installed refrigeration system in desperate need of repairs. Mike and his team removed the bad equipment and replaced it to get the store up and running quickly.

The Design

Outdoor condenser unit improperly installed behind a grocery store in MA. Mike told the store owners that the old refrigeration system had not been installed correctly and caused more problems than it was worth. He found that the outdoor condenser had been placed on a wooden pallet, which would not protect it adequately from damage during the winter. Snow and ice can build up on the unit and prevent it from working properly if it is not placed on a proper stand. Mike would need to pour a concrete pad to set the condenser on to protect from the snow.

Example of an improperly installed condenser unit for a commercial refrigeration system.He also noticed that the unit needed to be programmed and that the condensate drains were in a dismal state. One of the drain fittings was cross-threaded and held up with a screwdriver. Mike informed the owners that the drains would need repiping and proper drainage to an indoor sink. If the condensate drain stayed this way, it would freeze during the winter and ruin the system.

Condensate drain installed in MA with cross-threading and a screwdriver holding it in place.Mike found that both refrigeration cases inside the store needed the power to be run by a licensed electrician and a liquid line solenoid valves installed. All refrigeration piping would need to be replaced for these cases because the existing suction line was much too small. The insulation used for the cases and lines was not the right kind for commercial refrigeration. Mike also recommended that the owners have strip curtains installed on the cases to reduce the humidity and condensation in the summer.

Lastly, the entire system was programmed incorrectly, and both the indoor and outdoor units would need to be reprogramed. All in all, it was going to be a substantial job to fix the poor installation the last contractor had done, but Mike was ready for the challenge.

The Installation

Before anything could be installed for the new system, Mike and his team had to remove the existing, problematic equipment. This removal included all of the refrigerant piping from inside and outside, which was properly disposed of by N.E.T.R., Inc.

Example of properly installed condensate piping installed in MA grocery store.After the piping was removed, a concrete pad was poured behind the building for the condenser unit. The condenser was installed on the pad with a 1-12 inch stand to protect it from the snow.

New refrigerant piping was installed that connected both cases to the outdoor condenser unit. The old piping had been only a ¾ size when it needed to be ⅞th. The team also installed two 115-volt temperature control solenoid valves.

Next, the coolant drainage pipes needed to be replaced. N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a copper pipe to drain to the outside. The line will be heated with a 15-volt heat trace. Additionally, control wiring was run to connect the valves to the central controller.

Mike and his team then had evacuated the refrigerant piping and charged the unit using an R404A. Then, it was time to power up the system and test everything. After he finished programming the controller, which would allow the owners to make changes quickly and easily from inside the store, Mike powered on the new refrigeration system.

The Benefits

Refrigerant piping installed for refrigeration system in Massachusetts.The store owners were immediately able to tell the difference in the quality and efficiency of their new refrigeration system. The cases cooled to the ideal temperature for their produce, and the outdoor condenser unit was running smoother than before.

Additionally, they won’t have to worry about the coolant drainage causing damage or other problems inside the store because the new piping is correctly installed. The refrigerant piping is now correctly insulated, so they know that the entire system will stand the tests of winter.

Example of how the refrigeration case and new piping looks inside the store.The store owners were glad to see that their condenser unit was no longer set up on a wooden pallet, but had been set on a stand and concrete pad. Now, when the winter weather rolls in, they’ll be able to feel confident that the unit will continue to keep their produce cooled inside the store. This refrigeration upgrade will help them to improve product shelf-life and keep serving their customers delicious, healthy produce.

Properly installed condenser unit for a refrigeration system placed on a poured concrete pad.What Can N.E.T.R., Inc. Do for Your Business?

Whether you’re dealing with a sub-par refrigeration system, or your offices or business has an outdated AC unit in need of replacement, N.E.T.R., Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to help you. You can read our commercial case studies on other large-scale installations that N.E.T.R., Inc. has completed. Or, contact us today to meet with a professional and find a solution to your unique problem.

N.E.T.R., Inc. is proud to special is commercial refrigeration installations for small and large businesses. We also provide heating and air conditioning services to both commercial and residential clients. We maintain our status as the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi ductless in New England as just one of the many ways we strive to provide the best quality products and services to our clients. Contact us today.

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