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Find a commercial space similar to yours to see how we solved HVAC and refrigeration problems.

Commercial HVAC and refrigeration installations are often big jobs that have a big impact on business in Boston and surrounding areas. Here, you’ll find detailed case studies where you can learn how we helped business owners upgrade their refrigeration, eliminate uneven temperatures throughout the office for greater comfort, or even keep sensitive medical and computer equipment at a precise temperature at all times. If you don’t see a business like yours, contact us today and let us answer your questions about commercial HVAC and refrigeration.

Or, browse our most recent case studies below:

Valley Design Facility Gets HVAC System in Inspection Area

The Problem: Valley Design Corp needed quality heating and air conditioning in its new addition to its facility. This HVAC system needed to provide reliable heat in the winter and comfortable air conditioning in the winter.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. designed a ducted system using two units, including an outdoor heat pump and an indoor air handler. The system was designed to be efficient and provide quality air control all year long.

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Winter Hill Brewery Installs Walk-in Cooler

The Problem: This local brewery in Somerville, MA, had purchased all the equipment they needed for installing a walk-in cooler. However, they needed a professional to install it.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. solved this local business’s problems by installing a walk-in cooler, lighting, and the condenser unit on the roof of the building.

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Farmers Outlet Upgrades Refrigeration System

The Problem: The local fresh produce store, Farmer’s Outlet, experienced problems with its refrigeration system that caused products to spoil quickly.

The Solution: N.E.T. R., Inc. found a poorly installed refrigeration system in desperate need of repairs. Mike and his team removed the bad equipment and replaced it to get the store up and running quickly.

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Westwood High School Replaces Walk In Cooler System

The Problem: Westwood High School’s 20-year-old walk-in cooler and freezer system were failing. Since the school year meant hundreds of students to feed every day, they needed a solution fast!

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. replaced the leaking evaporator coil and installed a new outdoor condenser and piping to keep the walk-in operating perfectly.

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Heating Unit Replacement for Funeral Home in Boston, MA

The Problem: A Boston Harborside Funeral Home discovered that their rooftop heating and air conditioning unit was in need of replacement.  Since winter was only a few weeks away, they needed a replacement fast.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. attained permits, coordinated with city officials, and installed the new heating and air conditioning unit on the roof before winter arrived.

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Ductless AC for The Real School of Music in Andover, MA

The Problem: The new music studio addition at The Real School of Music’s Andover location needed high-quality air conditioning without ductwork. They needed a quiet solution that would provide humidity and temperature control year-round.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a zoned Mitsubishi ductless AC system with an outdoor condenser unit. This system will offer heating and cooling all year long while remaining whisper-quiet.

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Chiller Plate Installation for Produce Processing Company in Chelsea, MA

The Problem: The produce company needed to be able to keep the temperature of foods consistent to promote freshness throughout the entire prep process. Products cannot warm up when going through the wash tank. The wash tank needed refrigeration over a cold plate chiller, where the water runs over the food being cut and prepped.

The cold plate chiller consists of a metal corrugated plate which stands vertically while water flows over the plate and cools it before going down to the area where the produce is washed. Water is then recirculated through the tank and dumped after the day for clean water.

The Solution: Mike Cappuccio and his team created a design so that the condenser outside of the building could function properly and regulate the water temperature of the wash tank. The plate was around 24 degrees with 50-60 degree water running over a 25 degree piece of ice, which drops down into the tank to constantly refrigerate the water.

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Commercial Refrigeration for Ken’s Foods New Location

The Problem: Ken’s Foods needed a massive 450 ft by 80 ft walk-in cooler built in their new location -- old Barrett Warehouse Distribution Center. N.E.T.R., Inc. had to overcome several challenges in designing a refrigeration system that would accommodate the automated picking machines installed in the cooler. They also had to design a cooling system for the loading dock to keep the products cool at all times.

The Solution: Mike Cappuccio and his team used a software called The Hub to help determine the sizing specifications for this job. Ultimately, nine 15 horse-power condenser units and two 60 horse-power condensers were installed, along with thirteen evaporator coils to cool the entire walk-in cooler and loading dock properly.

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J.P. Licks Gets Cooler & Freezer Installed in New Location

The Problem: Although the Orange Leaf Yogurt store was designed for frozen treats, the equipment left in the building was ill-suited for their needs. Finding the space for the walk-in cooler/freezer combo they needed was going to be a challenge. The only available space was in the basement, which had a low ceiling riddled with wires and piping that would have to be relocated to fit the new cooler and freezer units.

The building was equipped with a new furnace and an HVAC system that was only a few years old. However, the drop-panel ceiling that hid the large ductwork pipes did not fit J.P. Licks’ open-beam aesthetic and would have to be redone.

The Solution: Mike Cappuccio and his team at N.E.T.R., Inc. designed a solution for installing the freezer in the basement. The team had to reroute the existing piping and wiring in the ceiling to make space for the cooler/freezer combo. They built custom-length panels for both the cooler and the freezer, in addition to customized insulated floor panels to level out the uneven basement floor. N.E.T.R. Inc. also updated the commercial HVAC system for customer and staff comfort.

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Replacing Oversized Heating System with More Efficient Unit for Prime Storage

The Problem: Prime Storage in Dracut, MA had a broken commercial heating unit. The staff used heaters to keep themselves warm through the winter. The existing heating system was also too large for the building's needs.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc evaluated Prime Storage's facility. N.E.T.R., Inc. realized the heating system was oversized and helped the company move to a smaller more efficient unit.

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