8 Myths About Electric Heating

Learn the Truth Behind Common Electric Heating Myths

As a homeowner, you want the best for your home, which includes efficient and effective heating solutions. In a lot of cases, the best answer is an electric heat pump, but some people are afraid to try this technology due to all of the myths surrounding it.

Ready to learn the truth? In this post, we’ll delve into some of the top myths about electric heating and the truth behind them. So, put your doubts aside, and let’s get started.

8 Myths About Electric Heating

Myth 1: Electric heating is inefficient.

Truth: While it is true that baseboard electric heaters are inefficient, electric air source heat pumps are more efficient than almost any other option. That’s because electric baseboards rely on electricity to generate heat with outdated technology.

In contrast, electric heat pumps move heat from place to place rather than generate it. They transform every unit of power into three or more units of heat, making them at least three times more efficient than electric baseboard heating. If efficiency is at the top of your wish list, an electric heat pump is the ideal choice.

Myth 2: Electric heating is expensive.

Truth: The initial cost of installing electric heating may seem steep. Still, in the long run, it can often be cheaper than or about the same as the cost of traditional heating methods.

Once you start operating your heat pump, you’ll enjoy even more savings — many homeowners save up to 50% on their home heating and cooling bills when they switch. Additionally, electric heating systems generally require less maintenance than other types of heating systems, so you’ll save on maintenance bills as well.

Myth 3: Electric heating is not environmentally friendly.

Truth: Because they generate more heat than they consume in electricity, heat pumps are very eco-friendly. Air source heat pumps, in particular, are an excellent option for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. They work by extracting heat from the air outside and releasing it inside your home. This means you’re not reliant on combustible fuels, making them much better for the environment.

Myth 4: Electric heating is not customizable.

Truth: Electric air source heat pumps are extremely customizable, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. At N.E.T.R. Inc., when we take on a new client, we send a comfort consultant to their home. The consultant helps to create the ideal setup based on the homeowner’s needs and comfort preferences.

You can choose multiple indoor air handling units that each have their own thermostats. When choosing the units, you can select between wall, floor, or ceiling mounted. Then, you can look for different types of technology such as occupant sensors or other additional comfort controls.

You can also opt to add hyper heat which allows you to use your heat pump as your only heating solution regardless of how cold the temps get. Additionally, most models can be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust the temperature even when you’re away from home.

Myth 5: There’s only one type of electric heating.

Truth: Electric heating systems come in many variations, from electric baseboard heating to radiant floor heating to electric air source heat pumps. Each of these options has different benefits and drawbacks, and choosing the right one for your home depends on your specific needs.

Myth 6: Electric heating is an unproven technology.

Truth:  Electric heating has been around for decades, and advancements in technology have only made it more efficient and reliable. Electric heat pumps, for example, have been used in many countries for years and are now gaining popularity in the United States and Canada due to their efficiency and versatility. New technology allows these units to heat efficiently even in sub-zero temperatures.

Myth 7: Electric heating is slow.

Truth:  Electric heating systems are designed to heat up quickly, providing warmth in a matter of minutes. This is especially true for electric heaters with fan-forced options, which can quickly distribute heat throughout a room. So, if you’re always cold and need quick warmth, electric heating may be the perfect choice for you.

Myth 8: Electric heating is not safe.

Truth: Like any other heating system, electric heating can be safe if installed and used correctly. It’s essential to have a professional install your electric heating system to ensure it meets all safety standards. Additionally, electric heat pumps do not produce carbon monoxide or emit fumes, making them safer than traditional options like gas or oil furnaces.

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Electric heating has come a long way and has proven to be a reliable, efficient, customizable, and affordable option for homeowners. Don’t let these myths hold you back from enjoying the benefits of electric heating. Ready to learn more? Then, contact us at N.E.T.R. Inc. today. We have extensive experience helping homeowners upgrade to electric heating, and we look forward to helping you. You might just be surprised at how beneficial electric heating can be for your home.