Where to Install Ductless HVAC Units in Your Home

Your home’s new ductless heating and cooling system comes with an outdoor compressor and one or more indoor ductless units. Looking for the best locations in your home to put your indoor ductless HVAC units? Keep the following tips in mind.

Optimize for Airflow

Optimize for AirflowTo work effectively, each of your indoor air handling unit needs to blow air through the entire zone. Visually, you should be able to assess whether the air from the unit can easily reach the entire zone; your ductless contractor can help you ensure that you choose the best spot in each area for equal air distribution.

Focus on Exterior Walls

Exterior walls are the most convenient position for indoor ductless units. When your mini split unit is on an exterior wall, the wires and tubing can easily run from the exterior unit to the interior units. However, if this position is not possible for any reason, your contractor can help you determine which interior walls may work.  

Consider the Indoor Unit’s Proximity to the Outdoor Unit

When narrowing in on your location, consider the distance from the outdoor heat pump to the indoor air handlers. If you’re putting in a single indoor unit, you typically want it to be within 50 feet of the outdoor unit so that you can easily run the refrigerant lines between the units. If you have multiple indoor units, you will need to work with an experienced ductless HVAC contractor who can optimize the distance from the outdoor condenser to each of the indoor handling units.

Think About Furniture Position and Comfort

Furniture Position and ComfortWhile choosing locations for your indoor ductless units, think about where you plan to place your furniture. For example, you may not want the indoor unit blowing air directly onto you when you are sitting on your sofa or placed directly above your bed.

Choose an Accessible Location

Your ductless system’s indoor mini splits need to be accessible so you can easily adjust the louvers and change air filters. Your contractor also requires enough room to install the unit and to service or repair it after installation.

Orient the Unit Squarely with Home Features

Indoor ductless units should be oriented squarely with windows or other significant home features. For example, most ductless air handling units are significantly narrower than windows, and if you’re placing your unit over your window, you should position it in the middle of the frame. Similarly, if you have built-in shelving or an ornate fireplace, you should position the indoor unit so that it complements rather than competes with these features.

Leave Space Between Top of the Unit and Your Ceiling

Wall-mounted units need to be a certain distance from the ceiling so that the air doesn’t completely blow toward the ceiling. Ideally, you need at least a few inches between the unit and the ceiling, but your contractor can help you identify the best distance based on other considerations in your home.

When you hire N.E.T.R., Inc to install your ductless heating and cooling system, we help you decide on the best location for your indoor ductless HVAC units, while also taking your needs and preferences in mind. To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact us today.

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