Commercial HVAC 101

HVAC Installation for Commercial Buildings

If you’re working in an office building, an apartment complex, a factory, or any other commercial space, you may want to put in a traditional HVAC system. Ducted systems connect to furnaces, or heat pumps as well as external air conditioning units. This traditional heating and cooling option uses fans to move warm or cold air from units in a utility room or on the roof of your building through the ductwork and into the rest of your space. 

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HVAC Service & Maintenance for Businesses

Proper maintenance of your HVAC system helps you spot repair issues before they get out of control, and that can help you save money. Additionally, when you set up commercial HVAC services and maintenance, you get filters changed and critical components cleaned as necessary. Ideally, both traditional and ductless HVAC systems need regular service and maintenance. 

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Commercial Ductless Options

Many businesses are gravitating away from ducted HVAC systems and choosing ductless heating and cooling solutions. Ductless mini splits feature a small outdoor unit that connects to one or more indoor air handling units. These units can increase efficiency by up to 25%, helping you to save on your heating and cooling bills. 

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Benefits of Ductless HVAC for Commercial Buildings

Ductless systems offer a wide range of benefits. The outside unit has a slim profile, allowing it to fit in tight spaces or even on window ledges. The indoor air handling units can work in a variety of positions and come in different styles to match your decor. Both indoor and outdoor units run quietly, making them perfect for quiet office or residential environments. 

Additionally, ductless systems feature a zone set up. If you just need to add heating and cooling to an addition on your commercial building, a ductless mini split system may be the best option.

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Ductless HVAC for Entire Buildings

Whole building ductless HVAC systems feature one or more outdoor units and up to 32 indoor air handling units for each outdoor unit. Each individual unit can be operated separately and you can track usage and set master parameters to ensure your whole building stays as comfortable as possible. With a whole building ductless system, you can opt to have everything installed at once or you can choose zoned installation. In most cases, you can also sync these units to your building management software and control everything remotely. 

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Ductless HVAC for Offices & Retail Establishments

If you own a retail establishment, you want your shoppers to feel comfortable while they’re browsing the aisles, and ductless units can help keep temperatures consistent in your brick-and-mortar store. The indoor air handling units are unobtrusive, so they don’t interfere with your display space, and the system comes in dehumidification capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about humidity ruining your inventory. 

When office workers feel comfortable, they tend to be more productive, and a ductless unit helps to ensure you can enjoy consistent temperatures throughout small offices as well as large office complexes. You can place individual units in different offices so that you can control temperatures separately and don’t have to worry about heating or cooling unused spaces. 

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Ductless HVAC for Controlled Environments

Server rooms, data centers, telecom stations, mechanical rooms, and a variety of other places require cooling regardless of the outdoor temperature. Inverter technology helps to get rooms to their target temperatures faster and more efficiently, protecting your valuable equipment and keeping your energy costs as low as possible. 

Clean rooms need a minimum of dust and pollutants. Ductless systems facilitate this because the units are easy to maintain and feature heavy duty filters. Additionally, the air coming into the room doesn’t pass through a dusty duct which, helps to keep the room clean and sterile. 

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Ductless HVAC for Restaurants

Restaurant HVAC can be challenging. You have to contend with  a heat generating equipment in your kitchen, exhaust issues from cooking fumes, lots of people in your dining room, doors opening and closing regularly, and countless other challenges. A ductless HVAC system gives you the ability to heat, cool, and ventilate your restaurant in a variety of zones so you can easily meet the different needs of all your spaces, while also providing whisper quiet operation so that you can safeguard the ambiance of your dining space.

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Ductless Heating and Cooling for Apartments and Condos

Apartment residents need quality heating and cooling, as well as the ability to control the temperatures in their own units. With a ductless system, you can give your tenants that freedom, while also enjoying the benefits of fast and easy installation, quiet operating levels, and healthy ventilation.

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Importance of Indoor Air Quality for Businesses

Indoor air quality tends to be significantly worse than outdoor quality, and to safeguard the health of your employees and customers, you need healthy indoor air quality. When dust, allergens, pollutants, and volatile indoor air compounds (VOCs) pollute your indoor air quality, your employees tend to have more allergic reactions and illnesses, which can reduce productivity and hurt your bottom line. Additionally, poor indoor air quality contributes to more mistakes and compromises concentration.

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Save Money on Commercial HVAC

Commercial heating and cooling bills can be expensive. Luckily, you can take numerous steps to keep your energy bills as low as possible. Ideally, you should schedule an energy audit to find out where you’re losing energy, and you should maintain and upgrade HVAC systems and other electronic equipment as needed. Additionally, you may want to consider automatic thermostats and lights to help you reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

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Most Common Commercial HVAC Issues

Incorrectly installed or poorly maintained HVAC systems can lead to high bills for commercial property owners. To save money, some business owners skip essential HVAC maintenance, which ultimately leads to costly breakdowns, debris filled filters, or other issues. To avoid common pitfalls, you should work with a commercial HVAC specialist who understands the unique challenges related to your industry and building type.

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HVAC Case Studies for Commercial Properties

Case studies show how new HVAC systems help improve properties in your area. Commercial HVAC studies identify the main issue, explain the solution, and detail how the new ductless HVAC system made a difference. 

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