Case Studies of Ductless Systems in Condos

If you live in a condo, you don’t have to rely on the same type of heating and cooling as the other units in the building. Instead, you can install your own system, and if you’re looking for an energy-efficient option that also improves comfort, you may want to consider a ductless air source heat pump.

At N.E.T.R., Inc., we have worked with countless clients over the years, and there’s no one-size-fits-all HVAC system that works for everyone. We work closely with our clients to customize systems around their unique needs. Take a look at these case studies to learn more about how ductless may work in your condo.

Indoor Humidity

Replacing Gas Heat in a Condo in Boston

This Boston condo had a gas heating system and no central air. The owners wanted to be more comfortable in the summer and use less energy in the winter. After consulting with us, they installed a three-zone ductless heat pump with an outdoor condenser and three indoor units. The result: more comfortable summers and winters and lower energy bills. 

Improving Heating and Cooling in a Condo in Cambridge

These condo owners were paying high heating bills due to an inefficient gas furnace, and during the summer, they were uncomfortably hot due to relying on window AC units. They decided to upgrade to a heat pump with a cold climate condenser, which takes care of all of their heating needs plus cooling in the summer. After talking with a comfort consultant, they decided on three zones: main level, master bedroom, and guest bedroom.

Creating a Net Zero Design in a Condo in Somerville, MA

When renovating an up-down duplex in Sommerville, the owners decided that they wanted a net zero design. To make that possible, they put solar panels on the roof, heat recovery ventilators in key rooms, and a combination of ducted and ductless heat pumps throughout both units.

The lower unit had four indoor air handling units installed on the first floor and basement, and the upper unit had a unit put in the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and second bedroom. The combination of solar panels and energy-efficient electric heat pumps allowed this home to heat and cool itself without consuming any power from the grid.

Improving Efficiency in a Townhouse in Quincy

This townhouse had inefficient electric heat and window ACs. The owners were uncomfortable with their bills and their home’s temperatures. To solve both issues, they installed a ductless heat pump to meet both their heating and cooling needs.

Before deciding to work with N.E.T.R, Inc., these homeowners called about 10 other companies. They wanted a professional who understood heat pumps and knew how to safeguard the brick interior of their home.

Saying Goodbye to Window ACs in a Condo in Brookline

These homeowners were tired of being hot during the summer, and they didn’t want to rely on window ACs. Putting in a central AC unit was not an option due to the extensive renovation work required to add ductwork. Ultimately, they decided on a two-zone ductless heat pump. With indoor air handling units in the master bedroom and living areas, the heat pump provides energy-efficient cooling in the summer as well as heat in the winter.

Upgrading Marlborough Apartment With Heat Pumps

After purchasing a multi-family home, the owners decided to live in the upstairs unit and rent out the lower unit, but first, they wanted to make it more efficient and more comfortable. The home had gas-fired, forced hot water baseboard heaters and window ACs. Both of these systems were inefficient and noisy, and they also created inconsistent temps throughout the home.

To draw in a quality tenant, the owners upgraded the downstairs unit with a two-zone heat pump that provided both heating and cooling.

Improving Efficiency in the Owner’s Apartment in Cambridge

The clients lived in an owner-occupied three-unit apartment building. Their unit was on the second floor, and they had renters on the first and third floors. They wanted a more efficient and comfortable alternative to their existing heating and cooling solution, but they didn’t necessarily want to upgrade the other units.

Ultimately, they decided to install a ductless heat pump in their unit, and they put the condenser on the outside wall (rather than on the ground) to simplify the installation process. If desired, they can easily switch the other units to ductless heating and cooling in the future.

Creating Heating and Cooling Zones in Jamaica Plain

The homeowner was sweltering hot all summer long in their 1200-square-foot condo. The condo was part of an old Victorian home, and like most older homes, it didn’t have ductwork. To create a comfortable summer environment, the owners added an outdoor condenser with four indoor air handling units. Each of the units had its own thermostat for customizable comfort, and the family also got a rebate for adding a heat pump to their home.

Optimizing Year-Round Comfort in a Cambridge Condo

This condo featured an oil heating system and no air conditioning. During the winter, the dining room, bedroom, and office were cold and drafty, but they were unbearably hot during the summer. To solve both problems, the homeowner installed a ductless heating and cooling system with air handlers in each of those rooms.

By working with a highly experienced professional installer, they were able to pinpoint the perfect location to optimize circulation with all of the indoor units.

Adding Ductless AC to a Dorchester Condo

This condo owner was tired of relying on window ACs. They didn’t cool her home efficiently, and they were cumbersome to put in and out of the window every year. After she contacted N.E.T.R., we helped her install a ductless AC. It was positioned just above her window to simplify installation and optimize airflow. Compared to the window AC, the new solution was much quieter and more efficient, and it didn’t block her view.

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Do you live in a condo? Are you tired of inefficient heat? Are you relying on window ACs through the summer? Then, it’s time to look into a ductless air source heat pump. These energy-efficient systems can cool and heat your home, keeping it at optimal comfort levels all year round.

To learn more, contact us at N.E.T.R., Inc today. If you have another type of home, check out our case studies. Then, search by location or home type to learn about how heat pumps have helped homeowners like you.